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Everton Village Expansion? Thursday, 28th June, 2007

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Last night was the kick-off of the consultation by Mr Jonathan Pym with the villagers about the expansion of the village.

This is quick holding pattern write-up of the main points of the expansion. I’ll post the minutes as and when I get them. I have pictures of the proposals which I will use to make google maps of that I can safely publish on this blog without infringing copyright.

A summary of the proposals is (update, here’s a map):

  1. Between the end of 2008 and 2021, Everton grows from 180 households to 250.
  2. Up to five sites would be developed:
    • Manor Farm: 22 new dwellings, Manor farmhouse preserved.
    • 21 Sandy Road: 7 new dwellings. The farmhouse (Bakehouse) would be retained.
    • The ‘rec’ and the field behind it: 33 dwellings, a car park and a new village hall, plus moving the ‘rec’ to the adjacent field. The playground stays where it is.
    • End of the village going towards Sandy on the left: 8 new dwellings. Affordable housing.
    • The current village hall: sold for development.

Key phrases that came out of the meeting:

  • Affordable Housing – There are also a range of affordable home ownership options, including shared ownership (where a tenant rents part share in the property from a social landlord, and owns the remainder). The government has also attempted to promote the supply of owner occupied affordable stock for purchase, principally by using the land-use planning system to require that housing developers provide a proportion of lower cost housing within new developments. (from wikipedia)
  • Village Envelope – In a rural context, the terms town boundary, village curtilage or village envelope… circumscribes an entire urbanized area and is used by local governments as a guide to zoning and land use decisions. (adapted from wikipedia).


1. everton - Sunday, 1st June, 2008

I’ve not heard anything else. The residents meeting was to gauge reaction so the parish council and Mr Pym knew what the prevailing feelings were.

I understand it’s all gone into the Local Development Framework (LDF) http://www.midbeds.gov.uk/Planning/LDF/default.aspx

This doc outlines the general idea http://www.midbeds.gov.uk/Planning/LDF/Local_Development_Scheme_Second_Review.aspx. It does say the report (SPD) would be in Jan ’08, but if there was I haven’t heard (or possibly just misunderstood) anything about it. It’s possible the unitary authority stuff has delayed or changed things ( http://www.bedfordtoday.co.uk/bed-news/Unitary-status-the-past-and.3854034.jp and http://www.midbeds.gov.uk/Your_Council/News/2008_news/Creating_Central_Beds.aspx).

Seems there’s not a simple way finding any of this information out. Lots of impenetrable pdfs on the various government branches websites, and occasional mail shots from the competing branches of government. I’m looking forward to a statement or two from the Unitary Authority. Maybe they’ll run them past the Plain English Campaign first 🙂


2. Richard Rowe - Sunday, 1st June, 2008

We are considering moving the village nr Church End and are concerned over the proposed developments. Is there any further news on the proposals?

Any information would be appreciated.

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