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It’s the Infrastructure… Stupid Thursday, 26th July, 2007

Posted by everton in development, notices, Parish Council, Village Hall, Village Society.

I believe the key things that came out of the village meeting tonight were:

  1. The infrastructure of the village is going to have to be substantially updated and uprated prior to any of the proposed developments
  2. No-one wants the recreation ground built on.
  3. No-one really trusts the planning proposals as medium to long term residents of the village saw what happened on the St Mary’s Walk development – a total change from the original proposals.

Love to hear what anyone else made of it.



1. Andy Pointeer - Thursday, 26th July, 2007


The site above is the Mid Beds site showing the village envelope. If I read this map correctly it does not include the Manor Farm area for the 22 houses. It does say The map displayed opposite is for guidance purposes only, but if correct these house should not be allowed

2. Jo - Thursday, 26th July, 2007

Point also made in the meeting – Mr Pym ultimately owns the land and development will happen.

3. Jo - Thursday, 26th July, 2007

Infrastructure – commented upon in particular were
Village School
Roads including
– volume of traffic
– number of new access points/roads
– parking

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